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Digital Pictures / Videos

All our 3 Chapels have large Digital Screens positioned directly above the coffin, which can show digital pictures and videos during a service.

We can use the following digital sources:

  1. USB sticks (new empty USB sticks with original JPG files to be used please)
  2. Smartphones (set on airplane mode and password protect off)
  3. Tablets (password protect off)
  4. Laptops (may need the owner of the laptop to operate it)

Please check with us or your funeral director as to the amount of time that is allotted for your service. This will dictate how many digital pictures / videos can be shown. To help you determine how much time has been allotted to your service, please refer to our Service Types page to see if your service is either a committal service (15 mins duration) or a full service (40 minutes duration).

Plus please make us or your funeral director aware of your intention to use the large digital screen and which of the above 4 digital sources that will be used.

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