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Miscarriage/Still Birth/T.O.P. and Body Organs

With the cremation of an adult or an infant, the majority content (85%) of the ashes returned to a family is derived from the main skeleton bones.

However in the case of body organs, there are no skeleton bones. Therefore the residual ashes returned are from the wooden container used. Nevertheless for a miscarriage/still birth/t.o.p. (termination of pregnancy)  the residual ashes may contain from 0-5% from the under developed skeleton bones, depending upon the length of the pregnancy.

However due to the design of our cremator and our careful slow techniques, Mount Jerome is able to give ALL the residual ashes from the cremation of either a miscarriage/still birth/t.o.p.(termination of pregnancy) or a body organ back to a family. This affords bereaved families some closure to their loss.

The amount of ashes from such a cremation is quite small. It can vary from half a cupful to two cupfuls of ashes compared to 3-4 litres for an adult cremation. Please allow 4 working days for the ashes to be available for collection.

On a further note, Mount Jerome has a chapel called the Angels Chapel which offers families a unique setting in which to hold services for babies and young infants. Please click on the below link to our Chapels web page and scroll down the page to see pictures of our Angels Chapel.

Angels Chapel

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