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At Mount Jerome, we have 3 chapels for cremation services. They are called the Victorian Chapel, the Garden Chapel and the Angels Chapel. All 3 are used for all types of services and denominations.

Please note that due to its larger size and capacity, our "default" chapel is the Victorian Chapel. Nevertheless either chapel can be reserved for whichever best suits a particular service. If you wish to view them before deciding which chapel to use, please contact our office. It must be noted however that if a funeral misses its allocated time slot or in the event of several cremation funerals arriving within a short space of time, we cannot guarantee the availability of an individual chapel that may have been allocated for a particular funeral.

All our 3 chapels have full sound piped systems that can play music from various sources and also have large digital screens that can be made availabale to show digital photoraphs and videos during a service. Plese refer to our Music and Photographs / Videos pages for further information.

All 3 have similar lighting and curtain closure systems, are all carpeted and have modern heating systems. Please note there is an electronic organ available in the Victorian Chapel and an electronic piano in the Garden Chapel

For insurance resaons, only artificial candles can used in any of oiur 3 chapels (each chapel has several such candles on standby)

Victorian Chapel

The Victorian Chapel can accommodate 150 people sitting (80 on individual seats and 70 on pews) and 150-200 standing. It was built in 1847 and has a classical Victorian design. It is a traditional chapel with ornate features such as a high vaulted wooden ceiling and numerous plaques and tablets erected on the inner walls. It is located at the top of the main avenue of Mount Jerome, 170 metres from the main gates. Please note there is an electronic organ available in the Victorian Chapel.

Garden Chapel

The Garden Chapel accommodates up to 100 people sitting (on pews) and 30-40 more standing. It opened in 2003 and has a more modern and simpler design than the Victorian Chapel. It caters for more intimate services and the increasing popularity of non denominational services. It is located adjacent to the garden (lawn) section of the cemetery, 240 metres from the main gates. Please note there is an electronic piano available in the Garden Chapel.

Angels Chapel

The Angels Chapel accommodates 24 people sitting (individual seats) and 10 more standing. It opened summer 2014. It is a unique setting for families to hold services for babies and young infants. It is the only chapel of its kind in Ireland today. This chapel can also be used for adult services. It is located adjacent to our Garden Chapel.

Please be aware of the potential size of family and friends attending the Angels Chapel. If you feel than the Angels Chapel will not be big enough for your audience, then perhaps our Garden Chapel may be a more suitable choice, as it has a far bigger capacity.


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