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The crematorium at Mount Jerome opened in 2000. To date we have received 16,000 remains for cremation. In our short 14 year history, Mount Jerome has become the leading crematorium in Ireland for various reasons.

Mount Jerome is unique amongst Irish crematoria in that it is the only one to have two separate chapels with large tea rooms situated in between them. Our physical set up affords bereaved families three advantages. Firstly they have a choice as to what chapel they would like to use (please refer to the Chapels page).

Secondly if funerals miss their allotted time slot, families only have on average a wait of around 20 minutes until another time slot becomes available in one of our two chapels. In a crematoria with only one chapel, bereaved families may have to endure a delay of up to 60 minutes during busy time periods, until the next time slot becomes available.

Thirdly mourners congregating for a funeral have the option to wait in our tea rooms in comfortable surroundings and if they wish, obtain refreshments . There is no need for standing around in harsh weather conditions. Equally if a funeral has missed its time slot for whatever reason, the family and mourners have the option to congregate in the tea rooms. A wait of 20 minutes passes by quite quickly when people have some where to go and obtain some refreshments.

In summer 2011 Mount Jerome proudly became the first crematorium in Ireland to install a filtration system to capture pollutants generated by the cremation process.

Effectively what this means is that all our emissions are "scrubbed" to ensure any harmful emissions are removed and that we comply with the latest EU environmental legislation.

We have also installed a brand new cremator which is the most energy efficient in Ireland. Our carbon footprint has been reduced by 30%. We are also the first Irish crematorium to install an automatic coffin loading system.

In summary the new crematorium equipment at Mount Jerome far surpasses any historical cremator equipment currently in use in Ireland. We are now the most environmentally friendly crematorium in Ireland today.

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