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First Environmentally Friendly Irish Crematorium

In 2011 Mount Jerome proudly became the first crematorium in Ireland to install a filtration system to capture pollutants generated by the cremation process.

Effectively what this means is that all our emissions are "scrubbed" to ensure any harmful emissions are removed and that we comply with the latest EU environmental legislation.

We also installed at the same time in 2011 a brand new energy efficient cremator, which reduced our carbon footprint by 25%.

Our total investment in this new cremator and filtration equipment and new crematory buildings came to €1.3 million.

In 2014, Mount Jerome was also the first Irish crematorium in Ireland to invest in a brand new heating system that allows us to recycle waste heat from the cremation process to heat our crematorium buildings. This enabled us to further reduce our carbon footprint by another 10%.

Mount Jerome is still the most environmentally friendly crematorium in Ireland today because it was the FIRST crematorium in Ireland to:

(1) Install filtration equipment to capture cremation pollutants

(2) Install high energy efficient cremator which has the lowest carbon footprint of any Irish crematorium today

(3) Recycle residual waste metals from the cremation process to provide charitable donations for Irish charities (primarily Our Lady's Hospice in Harold's Cross).

(4) Install new heating system to heat crematorium buildings with recycled waste heat.

More information on our cremator and filtration equipment »

Front of Cremator

Filtration Equipment at Rear of Cremator



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