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Genealogy Enquiries

Whilst we endeavour to assist members of the public with genealogy enquiries as promptly as possible, please bear in mind that our primary focus must naturally rest with attending to the daily needs and requirements of bereaved families and mourners. So there may be a delay in dealing with your enquiry.

This is especially the case if you physically call into our general office during our busy funeral hours (daily 11.30 to 14.00) when there may be unavoidable delays of up to 60 minutes before we attend to your enquiry. 

So to best assist you, please consider the below steps:

(1) Email us with your enquiry at with as much relevant information as possible, especially if the family surname is a popular Irish one (i.e. Byrne, Murphy, O'Reilly, etc).

Ideally the grave number would be great. If this is not available, then an exact date or year of death for any one interment in a grave should suffice. Additional information regarding other interments, ages, addresses, etc will greatly aid our efforts and your result. However beyond these parameters we cannot guarantee any positive result.

There is no charge for up to email enquiries for up to a maximum of 3 separate graves (additional enquiries €2.50 each), provided the information provided by you is relevant and pertinent. The resulting basic grave information provided by us to your email address generally satisfies the majority of genealogy enquiries.

However if you wish to seek further genealogy information beyond the basic grave information or to arrange for a grave search to be conducted to help you locate a grave in Mount Jerome, then please ........................

(2) Call to our Office to Pay in advance by either using a debit card or with cash for any of the below further information requests: (NB ! We do NOT take any card payments over the phone !!)

  1. €5 for a 5-30 minute search to locate a single grave if there is a monument on the grave
  2. €10 for a 30 - 60 minute search to locate a single grave if there is NO monument on the grave
  3. €10 for full 30 - 60 minute search of the background history of all (up to 5) interments in a single grave
  4. €20 for physically photographing digital pictures of a monument and emailing them

Please note that if you are calling into our office, the last grave search is conducted at 15.00 Monday - Friday and at 12.30 on Saturdays. If a search cannot be completed before our office closes, it will have to sent to you in the post. Also please be mindful of a potential 60 minute delay before we even attend to your further enquiry during busy funeral hours mentioned above.

If however you are unable to call to our office or wish to avoid unavoidable delays during our busy funeral hours you can use ...................

(3) The Postal Service for either of the 3 further information requests listed by providing us with your name and address.

Advance payment can be made by sending us in either a Euro postal order / Euro bank draft made payable to Mount Jerome along with a small covering note or by an internet banking transfer to the below bank account IBAN & BIC codes:

IBAN = IE54 AIBK 9311 6018 6670 40            BIC = AIBK IE2D

If your payment is made by internet banking transfer, please email us again after you have done so.

NB ! We do NOT take any card payments over the phone !!

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