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Memorial Options


The options available to a family for the final resting place of cremation ashes are listed below. The approximate popularity percentage of each is also shown.

  1. Burial in an existing family grave (anywhere in Ireland) - 60%
  2. Private Scattering - 30%
  3. Ashes kept at home - 5%
  4. Memorial options in a crematorium or cemetery - 5%

With regard to the fourth option above, Mount Jerome has three choices for families to consider.  With these three choices, ashes are fully recoverable at any time in the future. Families are strongly advised to physically view these choices below in person before deciding upon which one suits them best. Please note that the below choices are not pre-sold in advance.

  • Garden of Remembrance: this is a communal garden where the ashes are laid to rest underneath the grass. Engraved polished sea grey plaques (3 inches x 9 inches) are positioned on a communal headstone that mark the exact location of each set of ashes. There is five foot tall yew hedge surrounding the garden with raised shelving for floral tributes. Each space costs €1,300 each. The cost of engraving is included in the price.


  • Columbarium Walls behind the Victorian Chapel: these walls are located in the curved recessed entrance area that leads to the burial crypts beneath the Victorian chapel. With this option the ashes are placed directly behind a polished sea grey plaque (9 inches x 9 inches). Each space costs €1,200 each. The cost of engraving is included in the price.

Additional Notes: In the above two options, only the name of each deceased person and their date of death is engraved onto a plaque. No pictures or any additional inscriptions are permitted. Each space in both options above only holds one set of ashes. Therefore to accommodate two set of ashes, two spaces must be purchased. Only a maximum of three spaces can be purchased at any one time.

In the garden of remembrance, the ashes are buried in polymer green urns. In the columbarium wall, the ashes are placed behind the plaques inside heavy duty polyurethane bags. This is to allow easy retrieval of ashes from our garden of remembrance or columbarium walls if a family so requires.

  • Cremation plots: This is the purchase of a grave plot only for the burial of ashes. These graves are common graves that are full for any further full coffin burials. These graves are indistinguishable from any other grave in Mount Jerome (as shown in the picture below). However, the availability of these cremation plots at a paticular time can be limited, depending upon demand.

    The advantages of this option are that the family erect their own monument, can tend the grave they wish and can bury up to 6 sets of ashes. The cost of this option is €1,280. This includes the cost of purchasing the plot and the internent fee for burying the first set of ashes. The extra cost of this option is the price of a monument which can vary typically from €700 to €3000 depending upon personal choice (+ foundation fee of €250).

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