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At Mount Jerome, we have piped music in all of our 3 chapels.

We primarily use Spotify (Premium) and YouTube( Premium) streaming services in all our 3 chapels. If you would like to use either of these streaming services, then please email us at in advance of your service, CLEARLY LISTING:

(1) Name of deceased & date and time of the cremation service.

(2) The link (copied and pasted by you) from whichever streaming service above has your desired music track in its library. Please bear in mind that not all streaming providers have 100% similar streaming libraries.

(3) The track name, artist name and (if applicable) the album name.

We cannot be held responsible if an incorrect music track is played from either streaming service, if it is not clearly listed on your email request. This is especially the case with classical or instrumental pieces of music.

We can also play music from USB Sticks (formatted for Microsoft Windows).

The most personal piece of music to be played during a service is when the curtains are closing. Please take time to carefully select that piece which you think is most appropriate. Remember that there are no restrictions as to what type or kind of music that can be played at a service at Mount Jerome. Nevertheless if a family do not have any music of their own to play, we will play classical music at the beginning and at the end of a service.

For a committal service, it is possible to play 2-3 pieces of music, one at the beginning, the second when the curtains are closing and the third at the end. With a full service funeral, up to 4-5 pieces of music can be played at whatever intervals the family see fit. Please inform the clergy / celebrant conducting a service of the pieces of music to be played during it.

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