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What Happens at a Cremation ?

Mourners will gather at a chapel before the funeral cortege arrives. Upon arrival the funeral cortege will be escorted to its chapel by a gateman wearing a black top hat. A few moments are then spent conducting final preparations for the service and to give people an opportunity to use the toilets.

When the coffin enters the chapel, the family will follow first behind the coffin with the mourners second whilst an entrance piece of music is played. The coffin is placed onto a raised coffin bier, from which it will be left stationary until the family and mourners have left the chapel. When everyone is seated, the entrance music finishes and the service begins.

There are two types of services, 20 minute committal services or 40-45 minute full services.  Full services require the booking of two simultaneous chapel time slots. Services can be religious or not at all.

Towards or at the end of a service, the final act of saying goodbye to a loved one occurs when the net curtains close gently and gradually in front of the coffin over 2 minutes. This is done with music playing or with prayers. Please refer to the Curtain ClosureMusic and Digital Picture / Video pages for more details on this final act of saying goodbye, the most important part of a cremation service.

When the curtains have closed and the service has ended, the family and mourners make their way out of the chapel. This is only after they have had a few moments to gather their thoughts. Family and mourners will spend a few more minutes greeting and comforting each other outside the chapel doors before they make their exit from the grounds of Mount Jerome.

The coffin of the loved one is then taken from the chapel and brought to the adjacent cremator building for the actual cremation process itself.


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