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Who inspects them?

Cremation forms are inspected by a medical referee, who must be a fully qualified doctor with at least seven years experience and have a background in pathology.  The Crematorium is only given permission to cremate when the medical referee is satisfied that the cremation forms are in order.

The referee checks the forms for two reasons. Firstly the referee must be satisfied that the cause(s) of death or any circumstance surrounding the medical details do not require any further investigation.  If the referee is not satisfied then the doctor who completed the medical papers will be consulted. If this response is not satisfactory the medical referee will then refer the case to the coroner for the area where the deceased person passed away.

The coroner will then decide if the medical matter in question requires a full autopsy examination or not. Usually in these cases the medical referee will request a coroner's clearance certificate (Form D) in order for permission to be granted for the cremation to take place.

Secondly the medical referee must be satisfied with the correct authorisation of the cremation. If not, then the matter is referred to the funeral director for clarification.

Please note that even though a remains can be received at Mount Jerome for a cremation service, the actual cremation process after the service cannot commence until the permission is granted by the medical referee. Hence why we state on our cremation forms to allow 3/4 working days after a service to collect the cremation ashes.

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